Fitness Testimonials

Rob Johnston (Steelers Rugby Team Player) 02/07/18

I contacted Sam as I needed quick fitness improvement results in preparation for the Bingham Cup rugby tournament in June 2018.  In our first session, I had to give up on the shuttle sprints he’d asked me to do… that’s how bad a shape I was in!   In the space of 3-4 months, he worked on my all round fitness, not only the cardiovascular aspects, but also with my core strength, my fast twitch muscle movements, and reaction and response times to situations under physical tiredness, all core attributes and skills required to play rugby. Mainly focussed on boxing sessions, but also incorporating other fitness types, Sam proved to be a great instructor, pushing me hard when needed, and fully understanding when an alternative approach was required, especially when I was carrying a calf injury.  He’s a great motivator, and takes a holistic approach to fitness, advising on nutrition and general well-being to ensure that maximum benefits are achieved. It’s testament to his skills that in such a short pre-tournamnet training period, I ended up being able to play 6 rugby games over 3 days in boiling heat! Couldn’t of done that without him, and gutted that he moved to Manchester recently…  Highly recommended!”